Step1:  Record your coolest BeyBattle Burst shooting moment!

Step2:  Upload your video to YouTube with #BeyBlade #BeyShoot #"Your Country"

Step3:  Enter the contest by sending your video URL to

Read the Contest Guidelines for more details. 3..2..2.. Let it Rip!

  • Rules to be strictly followed:

    • One candidate can apply only once with one video clip​​. If your sending two links in the same e-mail or two e-mails then only the first e-mail/link will be considered for the contest. Sending  multiple links or e-mails may also lead to disqualification.

    • You can choose to record your own style of launch or you can choose any style from the BeyBattle Burst animation series.

    • You must only use original BeyBattle Burst accessories. The stadium, launchers and blades which you will be using in the video must have 

      • For making your video use BeyBatle Burst Stadium​.

    • Get your parent's or guardians permission before entering the contest. 

    • If you don't have a YouTube channel you can use your friend's or family member's channel to upload the video. 

    • Make sure that your video is visible for the public audience.

    • Send the video URL/link through e-mail to '".

    • Videos sent to our Facebook or Instagram page will not be considered. The only way to participate in the contest is by uploading your video to YouTube and sharing us the link through e-mail.

    • Include in the e-mail the following details

    • Participant's full name​

    • You age

    • Your country of residence 

    • Contact phone number with country code

    • Contact e-mail address if different from the one you have used to send the link

    • For more details on uploading video in YouTube click here

  • Eligibility: Bladers aged 6-12

  • Important Announcements:

    • Arab Championship winner on Oct 12

    • Asian Championship winner in the end of October

    • Awards Ceremony: Online Awards ceremony inviting all champions on Zoom in the end of October and the Asian champion will be announced(Date to be confirmed)