Thank you for your continued support of Beyblade Burst. Due to the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, it is possible that most store-sponsored events have been canceled. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who are eligible for sponsored events and tournaments?

Boys or girls between the ages 6 - 12 are eligible. If you are turning 13 during the month of the event you are still eligible for the tournament. Along with the age verification during the events, there will be also a blade check. Every kid should have 3 different types of the original Takara Tommy Blade and an original launcher to participate. Blades and launchers without Takara Tommy trademark or if modified by gluing or adding external parts that can result in any change in the nature of the game or blade will not be allowed for safety and fair play reasons.

3 on 3 battle rules:

1. Pick up 3 pcs of beyblade and put into 3on3 boxes in the order of 1, 2, and 3. Check the beyblade by a judge. 2. The battle starts from #1 beyblade.Regardless of the victory or defeat, you will use the next number’s beyblade. If a winner is not determined for the 3 battles, choose the order again and let the battle begins. 3. A player who gets 3points first would be the winner, in the game brought without Shoot Miss, False start (too early / late). The points are given following;‘Burst Finish’ : Get opponent’s BEYBLADE break up → 2points‘Burst Finish’ Get opponent’s BEYBLADE out from the stadium → 1point ‘Spin Finish’ Opponent’s BEYBLADE stops spinning one way. → 1point -1 point is offered to the opponent when a player makes Shoot Miss or False start (too early / late) twice in the battle. Then another battle shall be carried out.* The battle can be retried in case both players make the second Shoot Miss, or False start (too early / late) at the same time. Precaution: You cannot change the order or parts of the 3 Beyblade without a judge’s submission. You cannot use the same parts to the 3 Beyblade.Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps:

How to follow upcoming events?

All events will be announced on Fabebook and Instagram Pages of "BeyBattle Burst" Also you can advertisements on Spacetoon TV and for major tournaments you can find news bulletins within the animation.

Where to buy BeyBattle Burst Blades?

Original BeyBattle Burst blades are available in all major toy retail shops. However when you are purchasing the blades in GCC countries, it is very important to check for Spacetoon Logo, ToyPro logo and Takara Tommy logo on the packaging of the product. Original Packaging and Trademark might differ in countries outside GCC